Summer Institute 2012

The 2012 Mortimer D. Sackler, M.D. Summer Institute

Directors: BJ Casey and Bill Fifer

The 2012 Mortimer D. Sackler, M.D. Summer Institute was held July 16-19, on Manhattan’s beautiful Upper East Side and directed by Dr. BJ Casey of the Sackler Institute at Weill Cornell Medical College and Dr. Bill Fifer of the Sackler Institute at Columbia University. This year’s course focused on the themes of plasticity and learning, from molecule to bedside. Participants benefited from lectures given by internationally renowned scientists in the fields of neuroscience, molecular biology, psychiatry, and psychology and from direct interaction with lecturers during both social and scientific events scheduled each evening. The institute is geared toward predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows with room and partial board provided for all selected attendees through generous support from the Mortimer D. Sackler, M.D. family.

All lectures will be held at Weill Cornell Medical College, 1300 York Ave (at 69 St), in Room A-126 unless otherwise specified.

2012 JULY 16 Monday: Plasticity and Stress
4:45 pm
BJ Casey, Sackler Institute, Weill Cornell Medical College
Introductory Remarks
5:00 pm
Bruce McEwen, Rockefeller University
The Brain on Stress: Lessons Learned about Plasticity over the Life course
6:00 pm Opening Dinner at Tiella
7:30 pm Blitz presentations by attendees  
2012 JULY 17 Tuesday: Learning and Development
Daphna Shohamy, Columbia University
Mauricio Delgado, Rutgers University
Reward Processing in the Human Brain
12:00pm Lunch on your own  
Neurobiology of Reward Processing in Adolescents

Skit/Debate preparation time for attendees
Happy Hour, Dr. Lee's apartment
2012 JULY 18 Wednesday: Plasticity, Learning and Development
9:00 am
Rene Hen, Columbia University
10:30 am
Eero Castren, University of Helsinki
iPlasticity: induced-juvenile-like plasticity in the adult brain
12:00pm Lunch on your own  
Francis Lee, Weill Cornell Medical College
Skit/Debate preparation for attendees
Skits and dinner at Session 73
2012 JULY 19 Thursday: Plasticity
9:00 am
Takao Hensch, Harvard University
Bill Fifer, Sackler Institute, Columbia University
Closing Comments
Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology, Weill Cornell Medical College
Box 140, 1300 York Avenue NY, NY 10065