Summer Institute  
  Summer Institute on the Biology of Developmental Disabilities

at Princeton University ~ July 2003


The Third Annual John Merck Fund Summer Institute on the Biology of Developmental Disabilities was held at Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey, July 20th through 25th. The week long course examined basic principles of behavioral and brain development in typically and atypically developing populations. Experts in the fields of psychology, neurobiology, neuroscience, and molecular biology presented their work in addition to hands-on workshops in animal, imaging, genetics and modeling methods.  The institute was geared toward graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and tuition, student housing and small travel stipends were provided by The John Merck Fund.  Enrollment was limited to 36 students.    See links for photos and selected lectures below.   Contact for more information.

For information on summer institutes held previously at Cold Spring Harbor see:

2003 Lectures and Topics
All events in Green Hall unless otherwise specified

Sunday, July 20, 2003
  4:00 BJ Casey, Sackler Institute: Welcome and Introductions   Representative Paper 1  2
  4:30 Jonathan Cohen, Princeton: "Modular vs. Distributed Organization:  How the Different Methods Inform Us"   Representative Paper
  5:30 Reception at Triumphs
  6:30 Student Presentations

Monday, July 21, 2003
  9:00   Pat Levitt, Vanderbilt: “Development of the Mammalian Forebrain”   Representative Paper
10:30   Daphne Bavelier, Rochester:  “Plasticity in the Human Visual System”   Representative Paper
12:00   Lunch
  1:00   Elizabeth Gould, Princeton:“Neurogenesis in the Adult Brain”   Representative Paper
  2:30   Elizabeth Gould, Animal Lab Workshop
  3:30   Break
  4:00   John Fossella, Sackler: Genetics Workshop   Representative Paper
  6:00   Adjourn

Tuesday, July 22, 2003
  9:00   Charles Gross  "Animal Neurophysiology of Object Processing”    Representative Paper
10:30   Chuck Nelson, U. Minn:  “The Development and Neural Basis of Face Recognition”   Representative Paper
12:00   Lunch
  1:00   Jim Haxby, Princeton: “Organization of Face and Object Processing”    Representative Paper
  2:30   Free Time / Time for Debate Preparations
  5:00   Happy Hour at Casey-Cohen's 

Wednesday, July 23, 2003  
  9:00   Brad Schlaggar, Wash U:  “Studying the Developmental Neurobiology of Reading using Functional MRI”   Representative Paper
10:30   Bruce McCandliss, Sackler: "Changes in Functional Organization Supporting Reading:  
            Development and Intervention"   Representative Paper 1  2
12:00   Lunch
 1:00    Imaging Workshops:  EEG- Michael Worden
 1:40    MR Diffusion Tensor Imaging:  Fiber Tracking Workshop - Richard Watts   Representative Paper
 2:20    fMRI - Wolfgang Richter
 3:00    MRI safety/simulation - Matthew Davidson
 3:30    Break
 4:00    Imaging Workshops, rotate among sessions:
            MRI scan - Leigh Nystrom, Wolfgang Richter
            Image Analysis - Sylvain Takerkart, Leigh Nystrom
            EEG/ERP Analysis - Michael Worden
 6:30    Adjourn

Thursday, July 24, 2003
  9:00   Earl Miller, MIT: "Prefrontal Cortex: Categories, Concepts, and Cognitive Control"   Representative Paper
10:30   Adele Diamond, Shriver Center: “Development of Prefrontal Function”   Representative Paper
12:00   Lunch
  1:00   Jonathan Cohen, Princeton: “Organization and Function of Prefrontal Cortex:  
            Imaging and Computational Modeling”   Representative Paper
  2:30   Ken Norman, Princeton:  Computational Modeling workshop
  5:00   Adjourn
  7:00   Gala in the Garden Room of Prospect House
  9:00   Debate at the Prospect House

Friday, July 25, 2003
  9:00   Bruce Pennington, U of Denver: "Analyzing Atypical Development:  Causes and Comorbidities"   Representative Paper
10:30   Final Remarks, Evaluations, Group Picture
11:00   Adjourn

Selected talks
Thanks to all of the 2003 lecturers and to the following contributors:
Pat Levitt
Earl Miller
Chuck Nelson
Ken Norman
Bruce Pennington
Brad Schlaggar
Richard Watts

Check out photos!
A special thanks to those who submitted them:
Kevin Bath
Jonathan Cohen
Don Druin
Stephanie Furrer
Conny Hahn
Eleni Kotsoni
Lisa Scott

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