Developing Clinical Researchers in Neuropsychiatric Imaging

Developing Clinical Researchers in Neuropsychiatric Imaging is a training program originally funded by the NIMH (2 R25 MH06047) to train scientists in functional neuroimaging and cognitive/affective neuroscientific methods, and their application to the study of pathophsyiology of psychiatric disorders.

Imaging: from Basics to Clinical Implications
The Basics of MRI Physics and Image Formation by Jonathan Dyke, Ph.D.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Douglas Ballon, Ph.D.
Multimodality Imaging by Jonathan Dyke, Ph.D.
fMRI and DTI: Applications and Promise for Developmental Research by Dima Amso, Ph.D.
Behavioral Paradigm Development for fMRI and EEG by Jason Zevin, Ph.D.
Pediatric Imaging by B.J. Casey, Ph.D.
fMRI analysis, Part 1 and Part 2 by Leah Somerville, Ph. D.
New Ways of Looking at fMRI data by Jason Zevin, Ph.D.
Resting State fMRI by Henning Voss, Ph.D.
Abnormalities on Structural Images: Findings and Clinical Implications by Robert D. Zimmerman, M.D.

Bottom(s) Up! A Biological Approach to Behavioral Genetics, Part I and Part II by Charles Glatt, Ph.D.
Genes, Brain and Behavior: Bridging Disciplines Fossella and Casey, Cognitive, Affective, Behavioral Neuroscience, 2006.
Imaging Genetics and Development: Challenges and Promises Casey et al., Human Brain Mapping, 2010.
Genetic Variant BDNF (Val66Met) Polymorphism Alters Anxiety-Related Behavior Chen et al., Science, 2006.
Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor as a Model System for Examining Gene by Environment Interaction across Development Casey et al., Neuroscience, 2009.
A Genetic Variant BDNF Polymorphism Alters Extinction Learning in Both Mouse and Human Soliman et al., Science, 2010.
Serotonin Transporter Polymorphisms, Microstructural White Matter Abnormalities and Remission of Geriatric Depression Alexopoulos et al., J. Affect. Disord., 2009.

Developmental and Affective Neuroscience
Human Cognitive Developmental Neuroscience: What is it? by Dima Amso, Ph.D.
Insight into the Developing Brain from Functional Neuroimaging Studies by B.J. Casey, Ph.D.
Affective Neuroscience by Leah Somerville, Ph.D.
Neurodevelopmental Approach to Affective Disorders by B.J. Casey, Ph.D.
Emotion Regulation and Self-Control by B.J. Casey, Ph.D.
Behavioral and Neural Correlates of Delay of Gratification 40 years later Casey et al., PNAS, 2011.
Braking and Accelerating of the Adolescent Brain Casey et al., Journal of Research on Adolescence, 2011.
Neurobiology of the Adolescent Brain and Behavior: Implications for Substance Use Disorders Casey et al., JAACAP, 2010.
Adolescence: What Do Transmission, Transition, and Translation Have To Do With It? Casey et al., Neuron, 2010.
Stress and Anxiety: Structural Plasticity and Epigenetic Regulation as a Consequence of Stress McEwan et al., Neuropharmacology, 2011.
Stress- and Allostatic-Induced Brain Plasticity McEwan et al., Annu. Rev. Med., 2011.

Clinical Neuroscience
Reading and Dyslexia by Jason Zevin, Ph.D.
Childhood Disorders: ADHD and Autism by B.J. Casey, Ph.D.
From Behavior to Cognition to the the Brain and Back: What Have We Learned from Functional Imaging Studies of ADHD? Casey et al., American Journal of Psychiatry, 2006.
Frontostriatal Connectivity and Its Role in Cognitive Control in Parent-Child Dyads with ADHD Casey et al., American Journal of Psychiatry, 2007.
ADHD- and Medication-related Brain Activation Effects in Concordantly Affected Parent-Child Dyads with ADHD Epstein, Casey et al., Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 2007.
Assessment and Prevention of Head Motion during Imaging of Patients with ADHD Epstein, Casey et al., Psychiatry Research Neuroimaging, 2007.
Transitional and Translational Studies of Risk for Anxiety Casey et al., Depression and Anxiety, 2011.
White-Matter Integrity Predicts Stroop Performance in Patients with Geriatric Depression Murphy et al., Biological Psychiatry, 2007.
Microstructural White Matter Abnormalities and Remission of Geriatric Depression Alexopoulos et al., American Journal of Psychiatry, 2008.
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