Participate in Research Studies

Here at the Sackler Institute, we conduct many different research studies to try to better understand human development
from birth to adulthood. Our research would not be possible without participation from volunteers in our community!

If you are interested in participating in one of our research studies, please contact Ben at 212.746.3749 or

Virtual Tour

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Welcome to the Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology. We are located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. When you visit our lab, you'll enter at 525 East 68th Street (between York Avenue & the East River). Once you enter the building, you'll be asked to present a picture ID.
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You'll take a right at the information booth and pass the gift shop. Follow the sign to the "H" Baker Pavilion/F Wing elevators, which are on the right side. Take the "H" elevators to floor 12A. You'll see the Sackler Institute Suite when you step off the elevator. Come in to meet us and learn about our projects.
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We will greet you in our waiting room. Children are invited to play with the toys there. We will explain the research study to you and will read a consent form. A consent form explains the study. If you are interested in participating you will sign the consent form before beginning the study. Research volunteers might be in a study that has a camera that records eye movements while playing a game. People just rest their chins in a cup as seen.
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Research volunteers who take part in a MRI study would play computer games using buttons like these. The MRI itself involves taking pictures of the brain while people play these games or watch videos. One game they might play while here involves following where the fish swims!
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Another game they might play is called Wack-The-Mole, where you wack the mole in the garden but not any vegetables! Research volunteers who take part in a MRI study, wear headphones to hear us over the noises of the MRI. The headphones also let you listen to a movie during the MRI.
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These are some of the movies volunteers might watch, but if they have a favorite DVD movie they are welcome to bring it to watch. Some young children like to play in a toy tunnel before they try the MRI.
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Research volunteers get to practice in a pretend MRI. Here you see someone lying down on the MRI table. A screen is being placed in front of her so that she can watch a movie and play computer games. Now, she is comfortably watching a movie while we take some MRI pictures.
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Another type of study volunteers might take part measures brain activity by having people wear a cap with little sponges. These caps are comfortable and elastic. Anyone can wear them, even very young babies. We process all of the data to find out how brains work or change with development in babies, children, teens, and adults.
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We hope you have enjoyed the virtual tour. Come visit us again. If you're interested in more information, please call us at 212-746-4886. Thanks from all of us at the Sackler Institute!
Photographs by Michael Weinstein Photography
Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology, Weill Cornell Medicine
Box 140, 1300 York Avenue NY, NY 10065