Sackler Institute at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital on 68th Street and York Avenue


Take the # 6 subway line to the 68th Street-Hunter College stop. When you come out of the subway walk east on 68th Street towards 3rd Avenue.  Walk four blocks east to York Avenue, or take the M66 bus eastbound to York Avenue. After crossing York Avenue continue walking along 68th Street and you will see a large awning that says 525 East 68th Street. This is the main entrance to the New York- Presbyterian Hospital.

At the Hospital

When you enter the hospital you will have to present a picture ID. Continue straight down the main hall and take a right at the information desk. Follow the signs towards the "H" Baker Pavilion/F Wing elevators, which are on the right side. Take the "H" elevators up to floor 12A (the sign for the “H” elevators is to the left of the bank of elevators).
Take a left off the elevator where you will see a small table and chairs and a sign that says Sackler Institute on your right. Enter through this door and someone will greet you.

Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology, Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Box 140, 1300 York Avenue NY, NY 10021